Capital Weather Gang: D.C.-area forecast: Way too hot and humid today, not much better tomorrow

TODAY’S DAILY DIGIT A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10. 3/10: I like summer, but near or above 90 with very high humidity is a bit much for the end of April. EXPRESS FORECAST Today: Mostly to partly sunny. Iso storm? Highs: Upper 80s and low 90s. Tonight: Mostly clear. …
Capital Weather Gang
Daily forecast for the Washington area
D.C.-area forecast: Way too hot and humid today, not much better tomorrow
The Department of Commerce on Friday. (John Sonderman via Flickr) TODAY’S DAILY DIGIT
A somewhat subjective rating of the day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10. 3/10: I like summer, but near or above 90 with very high humidity is a bit much for the end of April. EXPRESS FORECAST Today: Mostly to partly sunny. Iso storm? Highs: Upper 80s and low 90s.
Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows: Mid-60s to low 70s
Tomorrow: Partly sunny. Iso storm? Highs: 80s to near 90. View the current weather conditions at The Washington Post headquarters. FORECAST IN DETAIL We’ve seen more than our fair share of days with highs 20 or more degrees above normal this year, but we’re now into the season where it becomes an uncomfortable proposition. With a normal high of 71, I’ll let you do the math for now. And that’s not even considering the humidity. I hope your air conditioner is in good condition! Today (Saturday): Skies are more sunny than not, and that’s not the best thing given the other conditions. Mainly the high heat and humidity. Both are more common of mid-summer levels, and at the top end of what we might see this time of year. I think most or all of the immediate area runs to and past 90. If it reaches or passes 91, that’s a record for D.C., set in 1974. Some lucky cool spots north and west may get stuck in the 80s. When you add in dew points nearing 70, heat indexes could be in the mid-to-upper 90s. Too soon. High pressure is largely in control, but the sultry conditions may allow a thunderstorm to form. If that happens, it could be strong to even severe. The best risk of that stays north of us.  Confidence: Medium-High
Tonight: Any threat of a storm dwindles as the sun goes down. Skies remain mostly clear into the night and humidity is in no hurry to go anywhere. Given the high moisture content in the air, temperatures are near record warm values in the mid-60s to low 70s. Some patchy fog is possible late and toward dawn. Confidence: Medium-High Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates. For related traffic news, check out Dr. Gridlock. Keep reading for the forecast through the weekend… Tomorrow (Sunday): We’ll be watching a wind shift coming this direction from the ocean during the day. It seems that we may stay on the hot side of the wind shift most or all of the day. If that’s the case, temperatures rise well into the 80s to around 90. If the wind shift passes through by the midday, it might be more like low-to-mid 80s with some increase in clouds during the afternoon. With that boundary in the area, it could be a conduit for a storm. Anything that pops up could be severe, with all hazards possible. Confidence: Medium Tomorrow night: We should get more and more of the cooler ocean influence with time, although that front is more or less washing out in the region. Either way, humidity levels want to drop at least a little and temperatures do as well. It’s still quite warm, with lows in the low 60s to near 70. Confidence: Medium A LOOK AHEAD Out ahead of a storm system wrapping up over the central part of the country, we stay in the warm air going into Monday. Skies should start off with plenty of sun, but clouds increase during the afternoon as a front approaches from the west. There could be a line of showers and storms in the afternoon, although at this point it looks like that risk could hold off until the evening or overnight, which would diminish the intensity. Highs should reach at least 80 most spots, and perhaps as high as the mid-80s. Confidence: Medium The main storm and front have passed for Tuesday, but cooler air lags a bit. With a west wind off the mountains, it’s still warm. Highs are near 80. Clouds may increase in the afternoon with cold air floating by aloft. Confidence: Medium
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